March 21, 2017



We proudly offer state of the art equipment including a solarium and water treadmill designed for horse rehabilitation and conditioning. Knowledgeable staff work alongside recognized professionals to provide top level programs for horse rehabilitation and conditioning. Whether looking to reach that next level of performance, have undiagnosed lameness/ injury or simply want your horse performing to the best of their ability, we have a program for you!

When assessing your horse rehabilitation needs it is important to consider all avenues for improving your horse’s health and wellness. Our athletes give us their best day in and day out, why shouldn’t we be providing that same level of support to them? Here at Millennium, we put together custom horse rehabilitation and conditioning programs to ensure that your equine partner receives the very best treatment possible to ensure the best possible outcome. Our programs take into account diet, breed, age, training level and future goals and aspirations. Down time due to lameness or injury can seriously affect yourself as the rider and future performance of your horse.

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    Water Treadmill

    If you are looking to cut your training/pre-season conditioning time in half, regardless of discipline, you and your horse need a package that includes this machine! If you have a horse recovering from surgery, lameness or other injury, we work alongside your vet to create a customized plan to get your horse back in shape.

    The treadmill creates straightness and equality of muscle development, suppleness of limbs and back, topline and hind end development, balance and endurance and stamina. All of these things transfer to under saddle work and we promise, you’ll love the results! The training effects of a water treadmill vs. swimming is the correct development of topline muscles, as the horse is required to engage core and back muscles similar to that of collected riding. Horses can safely be training in chest height water which equates to resistance training 12 TIMES that of AIR while remaining LOW IMPACT. We are one of a few in Alberta!

    Infrared Solarium

    The solarium is a staple to all riders and horses at our facility and it sells itself! If you do ANYTHING with your horse other than stare at them in the pasture, you need to work this into your program. We utilize it for horses as a pre and post workout as it helps reduce warm-up and cool down time and we can get down to the nitty gritty of our ride, lunge or treadmill session faster! We want to create strong, supple muscles and the solarium helps reduce the risk of injury or stiffness while we do so!

    ALL of our programs include the following:

    – Indoor Board. We can easily monitor turnout time depending on the horse and after a wet workout in the treadmill, it allows down time to dry off before returning outside (if permitted).

    -SoftStall matted 12′ x 13′ stalls complete with auto waters, and slow feeder nets when inside full time

    – Quality tested hay, fed 3 times per day

    – Ample turnout in either large group pen, shared paddock or individual paddock

    – Concentrates and suggested supplements. We create a custom plan that is balanced with the intensity of your chosen program. If you have your own, we will continue with yours!

    – Access to all barn amenities for the duration of your stay that include our heated indoor arena, outdoor arena (weather permitting), laundry, and bathrooms including shower

    – Initial intake analysis that includes body condition score, gait analysis, overall review of history and any prior or current injury, photos and video.

    -Detailed journal of all your horse’s progress along with photos and videos at the end of their program AND suggested takeaway under saddle and in-hand exercises to keep them fit and happy in your capable hands.

    We provide fully customizable additions depending on your horse’s needs:- Treadmill sessions. 3 x week (recommended) up to a maximum of 5 x week

    – Infrared Solarium. Unlimited use during full-time program.

    – Hoof rehab. Includes corrective natural trimming, hoof casting, hoof boot and pad application.

    – Additional exercise can be added to a package in the form of lunging, arena turn out time and training rides

    – Millennium may suggest additional therapies from our list of dedicated and knowledgeable partners such as massage therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture work and equine dentistry.

    Contact us for current pricing



      • Treadmill session
      • Solarium session
    • Indoor Stall
    • Hay

    Contact us for current pricing


    • 4-5 days/week treadmill
    • 5 days/week solarium
    • Indoor Stall boarding
    • Hay 3x/day

    *Additional fees for grain & supplements

    Contact us for current pricing


    • 4-5 days/week treadmill
    • 5 days/week solarium
    • Indoor Stall board
    • Hay 3x/day

    *Additional Fees for grain/supplements

    Please contact Sarah for pricing.

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