November 2, 2016

Horse Shows and Trailering

Horse Shows

We attend a wide variety of horse shows throughout the province, varying from basic beginner up to A circuit, to allow everyone interested to try it out!

Shows we have attended in the past years have included:

  • Beginner Equestrian Schooling Tournament
  • Spruce Meadows
  • Rocky Mountain Show Jumping
  • Amberlea Meadows
  • Equi-Cup

We try to make attending shows as affordable as possible for everyone so riders are responsible for assisting with packing and loading, loading horses, stall cleaning and feeding, etc…

Coaching per day is a minimum $50 fee if there is only one rider – each additional rider is an additional $25 fee.  Riders are also responsible for any trailering fees which can be seen below.


We offer trailering services to our boarders/students and some requested outside parties as per availability.

If not attending a horse show with our coach, there is a $50 hook up fee/minimum charge and then additional fee (as per below) per km. Riders attending a horse show will only be charged the per km fee.

1 horse – $0.50/km

2 horses – $0.70/km

3 horses – $0.90/km

4 horses – $1.10/km