October 31, 2016


Young Horse / Full or Part Time Horse Training

 We offer 30, 60 and 90 day packages for young horses where they will receive full care from board, a fully customized feeding program to suit a young horse in training, to the farrier.

This program will include 5 days of work per week that will cover the basics of groundwork, basic walk, trot, canter and depending on age and previous work, will start young horses over fences and some basic lateral work.

We also offer full horse training for those horses who have the basics but require a tune up – we can fully customize these options as well but still include board, feed, farrier and your choice of rides per week.

Owners are also given the option, once seen fit by training, to exchange a training ride for a 45 minute private, so the work done by trainer can carry forward and continue on with the owner.

Prices will vary depending on how many rides you prefer; for our basic young horse training of 30 days, 5 days of work per week is $950/month + GST

Pro Rides

We offer pro rides where you can choose the amount of rides you want done per week but does not include board, feed, etc…you are invoiced per ride at month’s end. We will set out goals you want to meet with your equine partner and will tailor the structure of the pro rides around these goals and give you things to work on in your own riding.

Pro rides are $45/ride + GST