October 31, 2016


We are excited to offer an exceptional lesson horse program like no other. We develop riders through a structured, hands-on program that includes not only riding lessons but theory classes, dryland training and more. Our structured program help riders develop into well-rounded Equestrians. A full outline of our program including competencies will be sent to you upon request. All pricing is subject to GST and includes all theory classes.

Learn to Ride (Level 1-4) Ages 6+, Little to No Horse Experience Needed.

This is an extremely structured to ensure riders get the strongest start and are given the most knowledge to make safe decisions both on the ground and in the saddle. Riders will adhere to a very strict lesson plan for the first 2 months that we have developed for the most successful start into a riding program. Rider’s will get to test each level to move into the next level. Riders will be required to attend 2 theory classes per month and minimum 1 lesson per week.

Level 1 -2 $225+gst/month   Level 3 $285+gst/month

Level 4 (1 Group/week) $225/month (2 Private/Week) $480/month (1 Group+1 Private/Week) $425/month

Rider Development Program (Level 5-7)  Ages 7+, Must Be Able to Pass Level 1-4 Competencies to Join

This program was created to be a bit less structured and with options as riders are confident with getting their own horse ready, to get more riding time and to advance their skills. Provides the opportunity to decide on group vs. private, how many lessons per week, etc…Riders are required to attend 3 Theory Classes per month and Minimum 1 lesson per week. Lesson horses still available for use through lessons 5-7 and pricing below includes use of lesson horse. Please contact us for pricing if using a leased/owned horse

(1 Group/Week) $225/month   (1 Private/Week) $285/month

(2 Privates/Week) $480/month      (1 Group+1 Private/Week) $425/month

Competitive Program Ages 8+ Recommended, Must Pass Levels 1-7 Competencies To Join

Riders at this level must have some interest in competing. Riders must understand that Millennium School horses will take them to 2’6, possibly 2’9 but after this, riders must prepared to explore the option of half leasing, leasing or purchasing their own horse to advance further and move up in jumping height and difficulty. Rider’s will be required to attend 3 Theory lessons per month, Minimum 1 lesson per (2 recommended) and Expected to Attend Dryland Training. Pricing below is WITHOUT lesson horse use, but this pricing can be provided if lesson horse agreement is in place.

(1 Group/Week) $185/month        (1 Private/Week) $210/month

(2 Privates/Week) $400/month    (1 Group+1 Private/Week) $370/month


Packages vs. Individual Lessons

We encourage all students to partake in our development program but will continue to offer individual lessons if preferred. Scheduling preference will be given to those in our full time program.

(Evaluation Placement 75 mins) $70   (Private School Horse 45 mins) $60

(Private Coaching 45 mins) $50    (Group School Horse 60 mins) $50

(Group Coaching 60 mins) $45     *Coaching is for owned/leased horses*


We offer coaching at horse shows for both riders in our program and externally. We assist with entries, classes, schooling and then full day coaching. It is recommended students take at least 1 private lesson with us prior to using our coaching services so we have a better idea of your and your horse. $50/day


Please note that payment is due at the START of each month. If payment is not received by the 7th of the month, you will be charged a late fee.

If you miss a lesson, a make-up will be scheduled at a later date as long as minimum 8 hours notice is given. Make-up lessons must be completed within the same month unless determined by coach to allow a carry forward.

Riders are expected to provide their own footwear (closed toe boot with minimum 2 inch heel) and helmet if they have one. We do have helmets that can be borrowed, but cannot guarantee sizes. Please contact us for a list of stores and equipment you will require for lessons.